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We are pleased to be able to offer a copy of Zaum's excellent new CD, 'Divination' (Meditative Doom) as a special FREE GIFT with a 6-issue UK subscription order! Take advantage while stocks last, once they're gone, they're gone!

Choose your start issue and number of issues from the drop down boxes. If you are extending a current subscription please select "issue 101 / extend my subscription" regardless of your current expiry issue. If you are renewing an expiring subscription or extending an active subscription we will add the number of issues you have purchased to it - you will not receive any issue twice.

Please note:
If you opt to start with the current issue (100) we will mail this out to you from our office - we do not run a full time webshop and generally process orders once a week. Your first copy will come by 2nd class post which normally takes up to 7 days after we send you a shipping confirmation by email. Due to Covid-19 delivery times are extended. This is completely out of our control, so once we have sent you a shipping confirmation email you will need to be patient. If you can't wait please purchase at a newsagent.

Pay for 5 issues and get the 6th free - all posted direct to you for free, plus a copy of Zaum's latest CD! Due to postage costs, this offer is only available to U.K customers and cannot be discounted further with a discount code. The CD will be sent out to separately following your order and will not necessarily come with your first subscription copy.

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