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Frequenty Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept all regular Credit and Debit cards on this website (processed via Stripe). We also accept PayPal payments via this website.

How do I get in touch?
For order and subscription enquiries and address changes our only point of contact is to email Please do not ring the magazine editorial phone number as our editorial staff cannot deal with any subscription or order queries over the phone. If you message us or post on our pages on social media your message will most likely not be seen due to the volume of messages we receive.

Can I pay over the phone/by post? Can I pay by cheque, cash or another payment method?
We only accept online payments via the payment services noted above. We do not accept any telephone orders or orders by post, sorry.

How often is Zero Tolerance Magazine published?
ZT is generally published 6 times a year, see our website for our publishing schedule. From 2015-2016 we experimented publishing 8 issues a year but reverted back to 6.

Due to deadlines and other publishing pressures our publishing schedule is always subject to change but subscribers will always receive the number of issues they have paid for as subscriptions are sold on a "number of issues basis" NOT "yearly" or "half yearly" etc.

Who sends out the subscription copies? What issue will my subscription start with?
ZT subscriptions are handled by an external mailing house and subscription copies are generally sent out by them in one mass mailing prior to that issue hitting the newsstands. We finalise our subscriptions database for them approximately a week to 10 days before the onsale date (apart from at Christmas when we finalize it two weeks earlier to allow us to have an xmas break).

Due to Covid-19 closing down some newsstands, we are temporarily allowing UK residents who miss our subscriptions deadline to select the latest (current) issue as their first issue of their subscription - we will mail them a copy from our office direct. Bear in mind this will take longer and you will obviously not receive the issue before it's available on the newsstand.

For the avoidance of doubt, when purchasing a subscription from our webstore, the start issue of your subscription is clearly indicated on the product page and option choices, and the product name on your order.  

What about extending a subscription which hasn't yet expired? How does that work?
If you are extending an existing subscription that has not yet expired , just purchase any new subscription and choose the 2nd option ending "/please extend my current subscription which expires soon" in the start issue box and we will add however many issues you have purchased to your existing subscription. You will receive all issues published with no gaps. To be clear; you will not receive any issue twice regardless of what the start issue part of your order states.

How do I change my address?
Please email us using the contact form on this website or at providing your previous address, your new address, and we'll do the rest. We do not have a customer area you can log in to change your details. You need to ensure you provide us with your new address details at least 2 weeks before the prospective onsale date of a new issue (regardless of whether it is later delayed), as otherwise you may not receive your copy. Please ensure you have mail forwarding/redirection set up as we cannot be responsible for copies which do not arrive if you don't let us know your address change in good time.

Do I get my subscription copy before it's in the shops?
Due to the nature of the postal service we cannot and do not guarantee that you will receive your copy before the issue hits the newsstands. That caveat out of the way; typically, UK subscribers will receive their copy a day or two before the issue goes onsale on the UK newsstand, with overseas subscribers a few days later than this (depending on their postal services and country of residence). This means all subscribers should generally receive the magazine before it is onsale on the newsstand in their country of residence, so you're always first to receive it.

How long will my order take to arrive?
We generally only process back issue and single copy orders once a week, as we do not run a full time e-store. We always send email confirmations once an order has been processed and/or shipped.

Given the unpredictable nature of the UK and worldwide postal service and international customs, please allow 28 days for your order to arrive with you AFTER we confirm it has shipped. If your  order has not arrived within 28 days after we confirm shipping please email us and include your postal address and order transaction number(s).

While most orders arrive with customers in a timely fashion, we are unfortunately completely at the mercy of Royal Mail, who since being privatised can take up to 10 days to deliver items posted inside the UK, even by first class post. In the age of next or even same-day Amazon deliveries this is frustrating but completely out of our control, we cannot send small orders by courier (like Amazon would) as it would more than double the price of them.

The fastest/cheapest way to get ZT is to order a subscription before we go to press with the next issue (then you'll generally always have it before it hits the newsstand in your country) or to pick up a copy in store.

What are the postage charges? Is postage included in the prices?
UK ORDERS - Postage and Packing via Royal Mail 2nd Class/Standard Parcels charged at the standard rate is added to all orders. For larger orders we may opt at our discretion to use a courier service at no extra charge to you. 

ORDERS OUTSIDE THE UK - For orders outside the UK postage is charged at cost based on Royal Mail's standard Airmail rates. This is automatically added when you select the destination country in the shopping cart. For larger orders we may opt at our discretion to use a courier service.

Please be aware we obtain detailed proof of posting for all orders. Please note any packaging charges will not be separately shown on any invoices / customs form so there may be a discrepancy. Due to the limitations of our shopping cart system and the way it handles postage of multiple copies, the postal charge may not exactly reflect the amount paid (it may be more, or less).

I am resident in the EU but can't purchase anything, why is this?
The EU have passed a new VAT law which came into force on the 1st July 2021 and mandates mandatory EU VAT registrations for anyone selling to EU customers, to ensure the EU can collect tax on all incoming sales. As we are UK based, we are outside the EU and are currently unable to register with the EU VAT system, at least until the EU council formally recognises and ratifies the VAT deal between the UK and EU.

Until this time, in good conscience we are not able to sell any items to EU customers; because we cannot yet pay and declare the VAT at this end, the customer would therefore become liable for mandatory VAT, duty and a handling fee before receiving their items from us, which would be charged and collected by their local postal service and could run into tens of Euros (for Belgium the handling fee alone for a single item is 25 Euros!). Until this situation is rectified EU residents can purchase digital copies and subscriptions from our flipsnack store -

Do you send items via registered post/ in special packaging / with tracking?
All subscription copies sent from our mailing house automatically ship in clear plastic packaging with a carrier sheet -  we CANNOT offer alternate packaging or specific packaging on any subscription copies, or send any subscription copies via registered mail or courier in any circumstances, sorry. 

Back issues or current issues ordered directly from us are sent in a clear plastic wrapper, which is inserted inside a thick paper envelope, we do not offer alternative or additional packaging options so please do not ask.

For the current issue and back issues is there a drop down option to pay a £5 surcharge to have it sent to you by tracked post. You only need to have one item with tracked postage for it to apply to your entire order - all items will then be sent in one packaged which is tracked.

Do you send an invoice / receipt / bill with my order?
For UK customers, to avoid paper waste and to keep prices down, we do not send any invoices or printed receipts for purchases made in the ZT Mag store. You will receive an email receipt/order confirmation which you can print should you wish. 

For customers outside the UK, we will attach a commercial invoice to your order showing the full value of your purchase (as required by customs). If we are sending out the first copy of your subscription from our office this will be rated the same as a single issue bought from us directly.

What are the customs arrangements? Can you send the items as a gift? Are there customs charges to pay?
If you are resident outside the UK we are required by UK law to attach an accurate CN22 customs form detailing the contents of any package we send you, with all values included and mark the items as sold, i.e. purchased. We cannot mark items as gifts. This customs form is also submitted electronically to Royal Mail and may be shared with your countries customs agents. We are legally required to attach a commercial invoice to the package stating the value of the contents and your contact details in case your country requires any customs fees to be paid. 

If customs or your postal service decide to stop and inspect your item, you may be expected to pay charges and handling fees:

You will be responsible for the payment of any and all customs fees, charges, clearance fees and any and all associated or related costs required to release any parcel or package we send you from your countries customs, postal operators or similar; for more information or rates payable please contact your countries customs information service. Please note that it is your responsibility to arrange the release of any items we send you from your countries customs or postal systems and we cannot intercede on your behalf. If decide you do not want to pay any customs charges and you fail to arrange the release of the items we will be unable to give you any refund whatsoever.

Will I receive an order confirmation email?
If you place an order with us you will receive transactional emails relating to your order including order confirmations and a shipping confirmation when your order has been shipped.

When will I receive the free gift CD I chose when subscribing?
Subject to availability, and unless otherwise stated, gift CDs are always sent out separately from the first issue of a subscription, or in the event of a renewed subscription individually. Please be aware we obtain proof of posting for all subscription gifts.

Do all subscribers receive the free ZTAUDIO cover CD?
Yes, all subscribers receive the free ZT cover CD, regardless of their country of residence.

Why haven't I received a copy of a free CD or gift bundled on a newsstand copy?
Occasionally, we have an extra promotion, whereby certain newsstand copies (i.e based on geographical region or a particular store chain) are sent with an extra gift or CD as a specific promotion. While we always try and make sure these gifts are also provided and mailed to subscribers, there are some instances where we cannot include them; due to the way Royal Mail band their postage including these gifts with subscription copies would in some cases double our postage costs, and would mean we'd need to drastically increase the cost of a subscription beyond what is acceptable to subscribers. In such limited cases, we will always endeavour to provide an "equivalent" digital version of any newsstand gift to our subscribers, such as a bandcamp digital download or similar.

Am I eligible for a particular subscription offer?
To qualify for a subscription offer you must enter the relevant code at checkout or you will not be eligible for the free gift. Please be aware you cannot message us to request a gift, you have to enter the discount code as all gifts are allocated by our webshop stock management system. All offers are subject to limited availability, on a first come first served basis.

I can only apply one discount at a time - is this correct?
Our shopping cart currently only allows one discount at a time to be applied, so we only allow one discount to be used at one time and we will not add or process additional discounts on post ordering for you via a refund so do not ask. We advise you to initially choose the discount which gives you the greatest reduction.

I have a question about my order, how do I get in touch?
If you are at all concerned about the status of your order or have any further queries of any nature, please get in touch with us using the contact form on this page or email Please do NOT message us on Facebook as we get hundreds of messages there and your message will likely not be seen. As stated above, please do not telephone us as we don't deal with subscription queries by telephone.

Please note, if you open a PayPal or Stripe dispute before contacting us we will likely refuse to process any orders from you in future. Ensure your email software does not block our emails to you, and check your junk mail folder and settings before repeatedly emailing. Please note while we try and reply as quickly as possible, it may take a few days to receive a reply.