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Choose a free gift CD by entering the following codes at checkout:
"DROWN"The Drowning 'Senescent Signs' CD
"AMENRED" - The Amenta 'Non' CD + The Red Shore 'The Avarice Of Man' CD

If you are using a discount or gift code please note only one code can be applied per order, so you can choose a gift or discount but not both:.

Terms and conditions for free CDs: UK customers only while purchasing a 12 issue subscription. Please enter the discount code for the CD you want in the box on the checkout page, you will see the code applied as a £0.01 discount with the CD name if you have been successful. If a code does not work it means the CD is out of stock. If you do not enter a code correctly on the checkout page you will not receive a free CD. You cannot include a note with your order to request a free CD. Our webstore manages and allocates the gift CDs so you cannot email us to request a CD later if you forget to use the discount code before finishing checkout. All CDs subject to availability. Only one discount can be applied per order so you cannot apply a promotional discount and also claim a CD.

Please note: All subscriptions are sent by an external mailing house and for new or lapsed subscriptions will always start with the next issue published - Issue 084 (not the issue currently onsale) or for a current subscription we will add the purchased duration to it. If you want a copy of the current issue, please purchase it from us direct here

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